SEO Boosting AJAX Website

If you use an AJAX application, there are ways you can help search engines crawl and index your content.  Those who run AJAX applications want to appear on search engines. Formerly it was hard for AJAX applications to be crawled by search engines because its content was produced dynamically but things are different now. Regular maintenance and updating content are existing methods for dealing with AJAX content that cannot be crawled.

To make your AJAX website to be SEO friendly you have to implement AJAX crawling scheme specification. You can even seek an assistance form an expert SEO agency or an ecommerce development company for better functioning of your website. AJAX is loved because it provides smooth and interactive web application

In recent years, AJAX based applications have become popular as they have replaced static HTML pages. AJAX has made applications faster than richer. AJAX uses JavaScript to communicate with web servers, it enables interaction with users and it creates the HTML it uses to render the page.

Crawlers are unable to see content created dynamically as applications have become more responsive. Most modern applications are difficult to search for.SEO BOOSTING AJAX WEBSITE

While browsers can execute JavaScript and produce content easily, crawlers cannot. For a crawler to see what a user sees the crawler needs to be given and HTML snapshot by the server.

If you want to know more about your application then you can load it in a browser and view the page source. As you create some of your content dynamically; page source will not show all your content and then crawlers will not be able to find all your content. If crawlers cannot find your content then your content is not searchable. Many website owners want to build websites that utilize AJAX principles and still remain searchable in search engines.  Website coding has become detailed and over-inflated coding conceals content on websites

A “parallel universe” of content is now created by webmasters. With the parallel universe users with JavaScript enabled browser can see dynamically created content. Crawlers and those who don’t use JavaScript enabled browsers can see static content and content created offline. Hijax-links are also used.

For AJAX application to be crawlable, your website has to abide by agreements which include:

  1. The website adopts an AJAX crawling scheme
  2. HTML snapshot should be provided for every URL that has content that is dynamically produced.
  3. Search engines show AJAX URLs after indexing HTML snapshots in search engines.

It is important that applications use specific syntax in AJAX URLs. Search engines can change these URLs and request them from servers. Crawlers can index content when it has been obtained from the modified URL.

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