Practical Tips + Shocking Truths – Freelancing World

A large percentage of people still don’t consider freelancing as a valid source of income because they see it as unconventional, doing your work at your pace but regardless of this percentage, people are considering this trend because of the flexibility and freedom you get from it. The 2014 “Freelancing in America” study from the Freelancers Union & Elance-oDesk found that 34% of the American population freelances at least part of the time. People value the ability to work on their own schedule in an environment that helps them be more productive.

Practical Tips + Shocking Truths – Freelancing World

In freelancing there are several marketplaces to find jobs online and physical, businesses are looking at this prospective and hiring employees virtually such as SEO agencies, website development company and most online businesses that don’t have to see the employees everyday but depends on the task they can do from where ever they are. This allows organizations to pick top employees based on their skills not the hours or presence and avoid having a full-time workforce thereby cutting that cost.

Here, we will discuss just the 2 top practical tips freelancers need to know, 2 shocking truth you don’t know and every popular myth heard off about freelancers.

Tip 1: Don’t sell yourself short
As a beginner in this field, you might want to go or anything because you need a job to work on. If you believe in what you do and capable of doing an awesome job then don’t sell yourself short. Brag a little about what you’re capable of doing and convince clients to choose you then bank on testimonials.

Tip 2: Testimonials and referrals
The word of the mouth can go a very long way for a business, ensure you get testimonials from a satisfied client and post on your blog or site for others to view. When people see referrals, they come to you infact a freelancer can earn a lot from just referrals.

Truth 1: Freelancers work in what is comfortable not what is suitable
To focus on your task, you need to be comfortable. There are some freelancers that work from home and due to this, they prefer to dress in their house clothes while others go out to work in the midst of people or professionals and thus dress officially. It is all based on the mind’s frame and what you need to do to get your work done but there is no dress code.

Truth 2: Freelancers work 24/7
Contrary to what people think, freelancers don’t have an ample of time to spend doing other things. Like regular jobs freelancers also have deadlines and because they have multiple clients, they have to work round the clock and negotiate prices for projects as well as network for more clients.

Myth 1: Freelancers are anti-social
Although we work individually from different areas, freelancers are not anti-social infact they are the social guru’s because they have the time to go out to network and play leaving the 9-5 workers.

Myth 2: Freelancers are lazy
This is so untrue infact freelancers that have gained insight into their field can achieve the cash and they work extra hard to make the project they are handling amazing. As we work, we also network and connect with potential clients so jobs keep coming and referrals.

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