Generating Content for a Customer-Focused Website

When you’re gathering information for the new website for your business—or when you’re planning content updates to keep your current site fresh and appealing—it’s important to focus on the needs and expectations of your customers to make their website visit an informed and productive one.

To that end, we’ve prepared the following questions—and some of the possible answers—to help you generate creative and constructive ideas for content about your business. When you take the time to pinpoint the information that’s relevant and valuable for your website visitors, you’re one step closer to gaining . . . and retaining . . . the customers you’re looking for. This is crucial and some would say necessary step when preparing to purchase website management services.

Why would a customer choose your business over a competitor’s? What differentiates your product or service offering from your competition?
Consider the following:

  • Quality
  • Selection
  • Price / price guarantees
  • Personalized service
  • Service area
  • Specialty services
  • In-home demonstrations
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Product or service warranties
  • Special-order items
  • Custom work

What visual examples can help convey the quality and value of your products or services?
Consider the following:

  • Before-and-after photos or videos of your projects (such as kitchen renovations)
  • Before-and-after photos or videos of your services (such as beauty treatments)
  • Photos or videos of what you manufacture, sell, or repair

What information resources do you have that answer questions about your products or services?
Consider the following:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs)
  • White paper (a downloadable resource)
  • Video tutorial

What information can help customers feel confident about your skills and experience?
Consider the following:

  • Licenses
  • Accreditations (such as the Better Business Bureau)
  • Certifications
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Product or service ratings from customers
  • Years in business
  • Years of experience in your field
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Bio and photo
  • Bios and photos of your employees

How has your company been recognized in your industry?
Consider the following:

  • Product or service awards
  • Endorsements by trade associations
  • Endorsements by local, regional, or national organizations

What special incentives or discounts do you offer customers?
Consider the following:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Website and mobile coupons
  • Email specials

How are you contributing to your local community?
Consider the following:

  • Sponsor of a local event (such as a 5K race)
  • Donor to a local nonprofit organization (such as a food bank)
  • Volunteer for a local nonprofit organization (such as Habitat for Humanity)

How are you connecting with customers in the social media space?
Consider the following:

  • Social network (such as Facebook)
  • Professional network (such as LinkedIn)
  • Microblogging site (such as Twitter)

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