Firefox update 3.6.4 hanging paused win 7 as admin


I have the same problem as at except it refers to 3.6.4 and I am on Win 7 as admin. I was set to be notified of updates, was notified and acepted but it stopped. Now I get the issue of pause at connecting to update server and resume is greyed out. Can I put a screenshot here? Do not want to reinstall. If download 3.6.4 manually can I install over the previous version?


I solved this by turning off tamper protection in NAV 2010. The Firefox immedately updated. I understand virus scanners/anti spyware program like spybot and SpySweeper can interfere with updates. Also Comodo AV. It seems to me that nything that protects over all system setting is worth looking at. I am not an expert. Do not forget to turn back on anything turned off to allow update

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