Firefox 3 Crashes & Hanging Problem with 9 solution

Firefox 3 is one of Best Open Source Browser and highly Secure Browser. With the Release of Firefox 3 on Download Day it has made the way to millions of users Computer. Majority of Users are happy with Firefox 3 which has improved Memory Management and Speed. Even i have felt that memory Consumption is reduced alot and WebPages loads way faster then older Firefox version. Read how you can Tweak Firefox 3 about:config to get more out of Firefox 3.But some of users are not happy just because of some of random Crashes of Firefox 3. This is really frustrating for them. Many Users have reported that this Crashes never happened with them before. After Searching around whole day I got some of Fixes for Firefox 3 Crashes This might help some Users . 

Firefox 3 Crash – Extensions & Add-on: Most of the Firefox 3 crash and hang issue are because of incompatible Firefox 3 add-on and Extensions. You must check weather any of installed extensions are in Mozilla Problematic extensions List. Disable/Remove all Incompatible Extensions.If you are not sure which Extensions Add-on creating problem then Perform the following steps to identify Extensions Issue 

Go To Mozilla Firefox Profile Directory 

Rename extensions folder to extensions1 for a time 

Create Empty Extensions folder 

Now check you Firefox is crashing or not. If it stops crashing then its your extensions and add-on creating Firefox 3 crash problem



Firefox 3 Crash and RescueTime: 

Their has been several report that RescueTime has been responsible to Firefox 3 crashes. 

RescueTime Team is working on this and will get fixed version of RescueTime. 


Firefox 3 Crashes- Vista Data Execution Prevention (DEP)No Solution Available (Will update as soon as I get any working solution )

Firefox 3 and Gmail Loading CrashUsers have reported Crash while loading Gmail inbox. one of culprit in this case is CustomizeGoogle (Extensions) Disable This extension or disabling the hide invite box and hide quick contact box functions in CustomizeGoogle (extension) solves the problem. 


Another Extension which also causes Firefox 3 to Crash when you open Gmail is FireBug. Incase if you use firebug then disable and check it’s still crashing. 

Firefox 3 Crash Due to QuickTime pluginFirefox 3 crashes due to QuickTime Plugin, Just Install the latest QuickTime plugin and it will resolve the problem. 



Ubuntu Firefox 3 Flash Crash 

Adobe has released latest Beta Flash Player 10 beta 2 which has fix for many bugs which also addresses Linux Flash bugs. Installing Flash Player 10 beta 2 will solve Firefox 3 Crashes due to Flash on Ubuntu

Firefox 3 crash reported on Ubuntu due to flash content has following Fix 

1) Add ‘export XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1’ to /usr/bin/firefox (This is the Script which starts Firefox). 

2) Turning Composite off in /etc/X11/xorg.conf 

3) Switch screen depth from 16 to 24 bits. Also, edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to do same change   


Firefox 3 Crash When You Right Mouse ClickProblematic Extension in this case is ‘Free Download Manager Plugin 1.0’ which is not compatible with Firefox 3.Disabling Download Manager Plugin 1.0 will get you out of this problem. 


kaspersky 2009 Causes Firefox 3 to CrashKaspersky Internet Security 2009 is responsible for Firefox 3 crashes for many users, this is confirmed by Kaspersky. They are testing out fixed version of Kaspersky and will soon make available for download 

Mean while here is the solution to stop Firefox 3 Crash due to Kaspersky 

1. Download Sysinternals AutoRuns for Windows. 

2. Extract and run autoruns.exe 

3. Click AppInit tab and uncheck C:\Progra~1\Kasper~1\Kasper~1\mzvkbd.dll 

4. Restart your computer. 

Firefox 3 Crashes Whenever You download Something (Ubuntu Hardy)This is a typical problem. Whenever you try to download from any where, Firefox 3 crashes. Culprit behind This Firefox 3 crash is Prism 0.2 Extension. Disabling This Extension will solve this issue 


Firefox 3 Crashes when You Use Yahoo MailExact problem for this Firefox 3 Crash is Yahoo! Application State plugin, You’ll need to disable this plugin. 

From the menu at the top of the Firefox windowbar, select FileFirefox and then select the ExitQuit FirefoxQuit menu item. 

  1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  2. Browse to the directory: C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\shared
  3. Delete the file npYState.dll. Now that this plugin has been removed, Firefox may stop crashing when using Yahoo! Mail.

FireBug can also cause Firefox 3 Crash either disable FireBug for Yahoo Mail or get Latest Updated FireBug Extention.Ref: 


Firefox 3 Crashes when you open MSN ( 

Some of Firefox 3 users have reported crash of Firefox 3 while opening, only one solution found to be solving this problem . Silverlight is culprite for this type Firefox 3 crash.Disable silverlight and then check out. 

Standard Diagnostic Steps for Firefox 3 Crash Isseue 

  • Exit Firefox Completely
  • Clear Cache
  • Close Firefox from File – Exit. Make sure its not running in background
  • Start Firefox in Safe Mode
  • Extension and Theme Issue Check list of Problematic Extensions
  • Profile Issue
  • Plugin Issue
  • Clean Reinstall

Read here for Firefox Hang Issue. In case none of above Solution works for you then check out Firefox 3 Top Crash page   

I will suggest to Report to Mozilla When ever you have any Firefox 3 Crash via Mozilla Crash Reporter, This helps mozilla developers to look into problem which resulted in Firefox 3 Crash.

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