Attract New Clients and Get More Customers with Online Marketing Tactics

Want to know how to get more customers, without shelling out big money for a focus group or marketing campaign? Many small business owners only need a small percentage of new customers every month to go from a net loss to a net profit. Attracting new clients is not always an easy thing to do, but has some tips and tools that can help you generate more “foot traffic” and “click traffic,” whether you’re in the brick-and-mortar or online industry.

Here are a few ways to improve website traffic . . . and get people interested in your products:

  1. Get listed in local search engine results. Google™ and Bing™ have free tools available to help you get listed when people do searches for nearby businesses. If you have a product or service that is only sold in a single city, then local search engine results can bring you a lot of Web traffic.
  2. Add your site to Yellow Pages directories. Many people will use the online version of the Yellow Pages to find nearby services like plumbers, towing companies, and contractors. Although these directories also submit their results to search engines, you can still get online traffic without having a website if you’re listed in the directory. (Obviously, though, having a website is highly recommended!)
  3. Update your website. Does every page on your site display your phone number prominently? If people need to find your address, is it easily visible on your site? Have you included a map? If you have new products and services, are they listed online?
  4. Buy leads. has several services, including Renovation Experts and LEADS by, that can send local customer leads directly to your sales force.
  5. Buy traffic. has guaranteed traffic programs available for small business customers. For more advanced online marketing initiatives, can manage high volumes of traffic for Google AdWords, Microsoft® adCenter, and Yahoo!® Search Marketing.
  6. Do some search engine optimization. Getting to the top of the search engine results can be tricky, but it’s also highly rewarding when website traffic comes to you and you don’t have to pay for every click. has services ranging from basic online visibility programs to enterprise-level search engine placement initiatives.

Attracting new clients can be a tough process in any business climate, but the small business owner who can consistently bring in new leads, customers, and sales will have an advantage over one who may be relying on an existing set of clients or an established reputation. If you can present better services, a unique selling proposition, discounts, or a better customer experience, you may be able to draw clients away from businesses that are using traditional customer acquisition methods. Better yet, a successful online lead generation campaign can help you build your own base of customers who will be your “word-of-mouth” clients as time goes by.

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