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Google apps stupported server list

Following server are listed to google apps –, 1and1, 4d Web Hosting, BT broadband office, cPanel, dnsExit, DNS Park, Domain Explorer, DomainSite, DreamHost, Dynadot, DynDNS, Enom,,, GoDaddy, iCodia, iPowerWeb, ix Web Hosting, Lxlabs,,, Namesecure, NearlyFreeSpeech,

A to Z PHP and MySQL Tutorial

PHP MySQL Connect to a Database Create a Connection to a MySQL Database Before you can access data in a database, you must create a connection to the database. In PHP, this is done with the mysql_connect() function. Syntax mysql_connect(servername,username,password);

Microsoft Word – Enabling Macro Protection

Instructions for Word running on a Windows machine: Word 2000 Start Word Click on Tools, highlight Macro and click on Security Click on either Medium or High to select it Click on OK Click on OK again to close out of the options menu Word 2002 (XP)

Remove All Hyperlinks in MS Word or Excel

Ever copy and paste something from the Internet and then into Word only to get the hyperlinks embedded? You can removed them easily with the Macros below. Word Hit [ALT]+[F11] to open the Visual Basic Editor Go to “Insert” >

Top 5 Best Choices for WordPress Forum Plugins

What if you want a forum on your blog? Well there are plenty of open source forum systems available. But what about integrating your blog cms with your new forum? There are some effective WordPress plugins to help you accomplish