PHP extension “curl” must be loaded.

First check out that following files are exists or not-

  • libeay32.dll in PHP Directory (/xampp/php)
  • ssleay32.dll in PHP Directory (/xampp/php)
  • php_curl.dll in PHP Directory (/xampp/php) (in my case only this file absence !)

Copy the libeay32.dll , ssleay32.dll from the extracted PHP Folder to the path of PHP ex:  d:\xampp\apache\bin
and the same with php_curl.dll copy it form from the extracted PHP Folder to the path of PHP ex: d:\xampp\php\ext.

Then fill next of steps (Configuration, Create Admin Account, You’re All Set!).

Muhammad Faridul Islam
Muhammad Faridul Islam is an entrepreneur, web developer, and IT Consultant. Besides his profession, he also writes a blog here.

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